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About Uptime Technologies Limited

Uptime Technologies Limited (UTL) is a privately owned integrated Energy & Power Company using innovative and state of art technologies for Big Data Solutions for the Power Sector as well as E&P solutions in the Energy and Mineral Resources Sector with a special focus on Primary Energy (Oil, Gas & Coal). The company pays special attention to the needs of each customer and ensures the greatest level of effectiveness as well as the longest life span for systems provided by it.

UTL is now poised to enter into primary energy (oil, gas and coal) exploration, production and development with international joint venture partners. By building up a wealth of professional activities with in-house technical skills.

The UTLteam currently includes highly qualified geologists, petroleum & mining engineers, economists and other engineers led by top level former retired public servants with varied experiences.

The objective of UTL is to accelerate the economic advance of Bangladesh by providing services that will assist in the approximation of national goals in the Energy and Power Sector.